Service Innovation

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  • Service Innovation
  • We are a software and systems design and development house and, on a continuous basis, we stay focused on aligning our activities along a pre-defined set of services that evolve to account for the growth behavior of our customers. This makes us to offer our services to our customers in the most effective and productive way. The dynamism in the market space is reflected in what our customers do and this demands us to be very agile as well.

Service Adaptation

    We continuously adapt what we offer to our customers so that our customers get our services in the most acceptable manner. Many a times service innovations demand us to rediscover ourselves: we need to unlearn and relearn so that we beyond state of the art in our offerings.
    An illustrative example in service innovation involves evolving from process automation to Internet of Things. In this case, the design and development services involve extensive use of evolving frameworks, dealing with big data and usage of open sources.

Incremental Innovation

    Incremental innovations in services demand continuous improvements in the offered services. This requires for the use of measuring the service-quality. An illustrative example is combining of proprietary platform with open platform to offer services that reduce the total cost of ownership for our customers. In a sense the service innovations allow for addressing the unmet needs of our customers.

    Further, our focus on service innovations do reflect our clear understanding of “how do customers define value?” and “what are customers trying to achieve?” Note that, at a certain level, from a customer point of view, service and product innovations serve similar purposes.