Focus and Strength

Focus and Strength

We are primarily a software and systems design and development company. As part of our service portfolio, we offer the following services: System Integration Services, Software Development Services, Mobile System Development Services and R&D Support Services. Keeping our customer's expectations in mind, we strongly focus on selecting niche areas so as to offer excellent services: Networking, Multimedia (video and image analysis), Artificial Intelligence, Business Automation and Security.


We want to ensure that we excel in what we do for our customers. And, at the same time, we want to innovate and develop prototypes that demonstrate key concepts. Note that constant innovation leads to filing of IP in the regions of interest such as Japan, India and US. The select IPs are product engineered keeping in mind our customers and market segments. The product development goes through rigorous development and release cycles.

Our collective experience, that is rich with traditional and emerging platforms, involves R&D, Product Engineering, Solution Development and Project Management. We have skilled team that can work can on both open and proprietary frameworks with equal agility. Our team’s experience, on the usage of open sources, ranges from big data analytics, deep learning, image and video analysis to smartphone frameworks. We have extensive domain knowledge in the areas such as AI and Multimedia, and have strong keenness to study and develop solutions involving emerging technologies

Success Stories

Our team has a rich 75+ years of experience of working with Japanese clients. We have worked on a variety of projects starting with migration, re-engineering, enterprise middleware and applications, system components and applications, to R&D projects in the emerging technology space. In one of the projects, the challenge was to re-engineer complex next generation network software to scale by several folds. Our suggested architecture accounted not only for scalability but also achieved high performance under peak load conditions with multiple controllers operating in fail-safe manner.

In another project, the requirement was to combine two emerging technologies with their open sources to create a combined network architecture that is not only information centric but also has a simple but effective scaling mechanism. Another example that highlights our quest for applied research is to study and adapt several theoretical models that include both computational and domain-specific models and implementing of a prototype that demonstrated the virtues of the models.


We make it a point to give top priority to the requirements of our customers and this has been highly appreciated by the customers. Our project status reports depict transparency and predictability and this visibility has again been highly appreciated by our customers. One of our customers remarked that our systematic dividing of ownership between onsite team and offshore team has led to reaching to the market on time with planned features.

We have a history of developing long lasting working relationship with our customers. In fact, with one of our customers, we have been an active partner in their long and interesting R&D journey and that prompted our customer to comment that we have been their technology partner in many of their breakthrough explorations.