Product Innovation

Building product innovation is in our corporate DNA.

Our Guiding Principles: A framework for innovation

• Transform the core: investing in efficiencies

• Grow the core: Investing to grow the existing business

• Building the new: incubate new, disruptive ideas; the Next Big thing

We encourage our engineers and developers to think outside the box and continuously groom them to stay ahead of the curve. Our approach takes the advantage of the scientific rigor and agile thinking that produces a vibrant environment. Here creativity can thrive, and developers are encouraged to think outside the box.

World is witnessing a rapid digital transformation; increasingly every sector of the economy is moving towards adapting latest software tools & techniques to solve the problems of the day. The highly digitalized world has also opened a host of new sectors like e-commerce, fintech and several others. We recognize that, to stay in tune with the changing customers' needs and preferences, market, and industry dynamic structure we must walk an extra mile to convert novel ideas to niche products in the real world.


A part of our product innovation methodology is partially open innovation: we share our ideas and our progress , and the journey of conceptualization with our customers. This works both ways: our customers get a glimpse of our thought process and we get to have pinpointed feedback; we have animated discussions with our customers. The other aspects of our methodology include identifying and creating new opportunities for product innovation, developing product plan keeping our customer expectations and designing a development strategy that plays on our strengths.

Incremental Innovation

Incremental Innovations are incremental in nature are a, big value - adds. These especially happen when we work on customer projects we continuously think of possible innovations, and we often suggest our idea of incremental innovations on our customer requirements. In our own experience, customers consider such proposals very seriously and schedule them in their product roadmap. An illustrative example of incremental innovation is to suggest a novel way to reduce the overall energy consumption. Energy, these days, is a paramount resource and, from multiple perspectives, having a strict control over energy consumption patterns within our customer project helps brand their product in the market very effectively.

Full-fledged Innovation

As opposed to the incremental innovations, we submit our product related ideas to our customers for their consideration. In a sense, we want to explore whether any of our customers are interested to make our proposal as part of their portfolio. An alternative for us to build a quick and compelling prototype that convincingly demonstrates our idea.An illustrative full-fledged innovation is to reengineer the product features to reduce the overall cost.

Service Innovation

We are a software and systems design and development house, and, on a continuous basis, we stay focused on aligning our activities along the services that evolve to account for the customer behaviors. This makes us to offer our services to our customers in the most effective and productive way. The dynamism in the market space is reflected in what our customers do, and this demands us to be very agile as well.More than ever, consumers demand greater involvement, customization, personalization, and mobility from services—with immediate results. When they see cutting-edge service innovations in one industry, they expect to find them in others as well; witness the spread of self-service kiosks from airline check-ins to the retailing and hospitality industries. As industry boundaries increasingly blur for customers, companies must look for new ideas beyond their immediate rivals.

Service Adaptation

We continuously adapt to changes and offer our services in most acceptable manner to customers. An illustrative example in service innovation involves evolving from process automation to Internet of Things. In this case, the design and development services involve extensive use of evolving frameworks, dealing with big data and usage of open sources.

Process Innovation

OOur services to our customers are delivered by following a well-tested and matured delivery process. Quite often, though, the process needs to be evolved, adapted, and tailored depending on the project situations. We have a detailed process of design and development for software and system. We also have quality related document templates which we use effectively in projects.

Still, we know that applying prevailing best-practice processes may be better in some cases. So, we take some time to consider the best possible combinations of our processes and prevailing best-practice processes. We revise and improve our processes by evaluating execution of each project. Again, from our customer point of view, process innovations help reduce cost, processing time and risk.

The Organization novelty and developing technology drive the process innovation. That is why we have adopted a companywide scheme to enhance software development process.