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Company Name CABCS GROUP India Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Chairman & CEO Akihiro Nakamura
President & COO Aroumougam B
Address CRN Square, 2nd Floor, No.15, Kasturba Road,
Bangalore 560-001.
TEL: +91 80468 84300
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Established July 13, 2018
Employees 65 (As of Dec 31, 2020)
Affiliations Q'sfix Corporation, Japan
Patcore Inc, Japan
Forward Systems, Japan

Our Vision


Our vision is to be a research and development partner of choice to our customers.

Our Motto


Manage and maintain customer relationships beyond the expected level.

Our Mission


Our mission to set up customer-specific innovation-driven R&D Labs and nurture a creative ambience.

Our Management Philosophy


Constant innovation in what we do, how we do and why we do.

Providing Solutions to customer problems is our main focus.

We are focused on providing innovative solutions to our customer problems and pain points. Towards this, our team proactively are up-to-date on technology and platform. We suggest, recommend, and deliver solutions to our customers to meet their requirements.

We assist our customers to reduce the overall time it takes to reach out market with our solutions .Due to our proactive mastering of technology and platform, we can reduce our customers’ R&D budget and use complex technologies effectively.

As part of our service portfolio, we offer the following services: System Integration Services, Software Development Services, Mobile System Development Services and R&D Support Services. Keeping our customer's expectations in mind, we strongly focus on selecting niche areas and offering excellent services: Networking, Multimedia (video and image analysis), Artificial Intelligence, Business Automation and Security.

Excel in What we do

We want to ensure We are always looking to provide more value to our customers, And, at the same time, we want to suggest our innovative ideas with PoC prototypes and help innovation of customer's business and organization. The product development goes through rigorous development and release cycles.

We have collective experience, that is rich with traditional and emerging platforms, involves R&D, Product Engineering, Solution Development and Project Management. We have skilled team that can work can on both open and proprietary frameworks with equal agility. Our team’s experience, on the usage of open sources, ranges from big data analytics, deep learning, image, and video analysis to smartphone frameworks. We have extensive domain knowledge in the areas such as AI and Multimedia, and have strong keenness to study and develop solutions involving emerging technologies.

Our Group Companies

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Inauguration held on 30th of July, 2018